My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Beginning
A long, long way and some time ago
lived a dog named Omar Blue
a big, brave, mighty Blue Doberman
believe it cause it’s true.

He led a pack
 about 50 strong
and 43 puppies that year
purebreds, mixed breeds, big and small
all of them under his care.

One day while walking with his pack
Omar stopped and looked around
said “We can’t go on like this you all
we got to settle down.
We got to get some structure
especially the puppies you see
or none of them will grow up
to be all that they can be!

The first thing that we’re gonna do
find a place to be our own
then we’ll put some laws in place
and let them all be known.

I know it’s gonna be hard at first
I admit we’re pretty wile
but this is something we gonna do
cause we gotta change our style.”

It was then that Omar turned his head
and glanced in time to see
two big grizzlies watching them
from behind a big oak tree!

He ran but didn’t alert the pack
didn’t even give that a thought
because he’d administer justice
after finding out what they sought.

When Omar Blue got to the two
he asked, “Why you scoping us?”
Said the biggest grizzly he’d ever seen
“Five puppies and there’ll be no fuss!”


“Now let’s get this clear
while you standing here
you think you gonna bother a pup?”
But as he moved up closer to them
the rest of his pack ran up.

There was Major Diggs
Lab-Dalmatian mix
who was Omar’s very best friend
there was Wally the Collie
his pretty wife Polly
the Pitts and all their kin.

        It was Rottweiler Brady who finally spoke
voice always firm and clear
said “Omar Blue we followed you
what’s going on over here?”

Omar Blue just turned and said
“You’al won’t believe these two
they’re saying they want five puppies
now how’s that sound to you?

Why didn’t they just
ask for um all
all the puppies in our pack?
Cause either way
they gonna learn today
that they’d better not come back!”

“Now we don’t want no trouble
so we’ll start it off this way
we’re letting you go
so you can spread the word
Omar Blue’s Pack is here to stay.”

All heads turned to their leader
Is this where we’re gonna stay?


     A beautiful place

        With plenty of space

        We'll call it

         K-9 Town, USA

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  1. Yes, this is how it started. When he first told his dad and me, it was the first time we were able to understand his every word. I'd say we were puzzled, but it was more. We were mystified. Somehow we knew however, that whatever Omar Blue had been holding out on us, we would soon find out. After all, we're dad and mom.