My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Omar and Babee Blue - We're Back, Ma!

Hi everyone. Babee Blue and me are just getting back from K-9 Town. It took some doing but Ma finally let me take him. We've been gone awhile because I had to teach him a lot.

Here comes Ma now. She's smiling from ear to ear to see us.

It's about time! Come on in here. I'm so happy you're home. Was Babee Blue a good boy, Omar?

You two settle down so you can tell me all about it. 

I'll put it this way Ma, he was as well behaved as the other puppies at K-9 Town.

Things are different when you live in the wilderness. Running and playing are about all they do, but that's only after their training. Babee took to the training real good but he still has a lot to learn. I want him to be a puppy leader. The other pups looked up to him because he's my little brother.

They got into a little trouble but as usual me and my pack were there for the rescue. I'll tell you what happened.....Yes, Babee, I'm tellin.

The puppies took to him right away. They were under the Big Oak Tree where they love to play. Remember Ma, that's where we have all our meetings.

You'll love it here they promised Babee
All we do is play

You can even come with us

We're going swimming today

We're not gonna tell the Elders

What we're going to do

Cause we'll be right back

After the swim

They always wanna come too.

So off Babee went to find the pond

With his brand new kin

Who gave no thought

This was a pond

We "never" put them in.

They decided when they got there

All in at the count of three!

But once they hit the water

They cried their misery.

What's wrong with this awful pond

Why's the water so hot

Why aren't our Ma and Pa's  with us

If they think we're safe, we're not.

All of a sudden each started to rise

Being pulled by gentle teeth

We Elders rescued them just in time

Or they'd be boiling underneath.

When we spread them out, all on the ground

It was me who finally said

I think you've learned a lesson today

Let's get you all to bed.

You weren't very careful

As we've taught you to be

But now you know most trouble comes

From things you can not see.

All the puppies looked at each other

They'll never do that again

Now, before they go into any water

They'll stick a little toe in.

That night, Babee stuck to me like glue, but it didn't take long for him and the other pups to snap out of it. By morning they were ready for another adventure. That's the way of the wild, Ma. Don't worry, we're always watching over them.

See Ma, I'm fine. Let's go for a walk together. Love youuuu.

Can I go back to K-9 Town with Omar? Huh, Ma.


  1. These stories are such fun reads. Omar and Babee Blue are the best.

    1. Thank you. Your comment is very much appreciated.