My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Omar Blue - The Takeover and the Female's Strategy

Hi. I'm just drying off while Ma is getting our snacks ready. It's raining out so we're going to settle down. My baby brother, Babee Blue, is sleeping.

I'm not used to having him around yet, but Ma says I'm doing better every day.
He is kind of cute. Reminds me of myself when I was a little pup. If you look close you can see him.

Ma's been asking about the K-9 Town females. They're always up to something. I'm going to tell her the latest. They don't like for us males to interfere, so we don't, unless they need us.

Sometimes they're as entertaining as the puppies. (I wouldn't let them hear me say that. Lol)

Here's Ma. I can start now....


Excerpt from THE TAKEOVER:

As the female timber wolves continued to observe, the K-9 Town females gathered the puppies and piglets and started to take a walk. They walked, talked, and made merry, knowing, but seemingly not paying attention, to the female timber wolves right behind them. In fact, if the timber wolves had followed any closer, it would have appeared that dogs and wolves were one group instead of two.

With no warning, the dogs reached a clearing with a body of water unlike anything the wolves had seen before. Smoke rose from the surface of the water, but the fire was yet to be seen.  

Instead of backing up, the K-9 Town females continued to go forward. So did the female timber wolves.

What the wolves saw next left them terrified!

Why were the dogs still going forward when they had to see them too?

Mountain Lions!!

There were lots of them relaxing, but not in the water. As the K-9 Town females approached, the mountain lions actually greeted them fondly.

Afraid, but determined not to show it, the timber wolves continued to follow the dogs.

Bad move!

The mountain lions leaped directly in front of the wolves, bearing their teeth, and blocking their path.

Even timber wolf leader, Hanna, was so afraid that she slicked back her ears and lowered her belly to the ground in complete submission.

As she and the other wolves cowered in fear, they heard one of the K-9 Town females call out, “Thank you dear friends, we think we’ve gotten our point across.”

The mountain lions backed away, teeth beared and growling just to show the timber wolves that they were lucky the K-9 Town females had called them off.

When Hanna and the others regained their senses, they walked slowly over to the K-9 Town females who had just saved their lives. Under no circumstances would they consider passing the mountain lions without the protection of the dogs.

It was the beautiful poodle Sophie Jean who spoke softly as she could see the timber wolves were still shaken and afraid.

“The mountain lions were once our enemies.” she explained. “We had to show them our strength to gain their respect just as we will show our strength to Shocka Din and the rest of you, though it will take much less effort.”

“But for now,” added Conchita, the perky Chihuahua, “We invite you to join us in the soothing comfort of the hot water.”

“The water here will relax you and put you in mind of a better way to live, instead of the troublesome lives you have chosen,” said Pit Bull Margie.
What you have just read is a small portion of a large story, condensed into a novelette, for a quick,  engaging read. 
Omar is getting weary of having the timber wolves around. He's going to bring things to a head soon.  When he does, the climax will be different than anything you might expect. The final confrontation/extraordinary battle is one you don't want to miss.
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The Takeover

Monday, May 15, 2017

Omar Blue - The Takeover - Why The Hate

My little brother Babee Blue is finally home! Ma brought him home. She says I can't take him to K-9 Town today because he's too little. I'll see what she says tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm Babee sitting. (pun intended) I have to watch him every minute, Ma says, until we teach him right from wrong.

"Stop eating that grass, Babee Blue!!"

While laying here sunning and watching Babee Blue, I'm thinking about my pack at K-9 Town.

My older brother Thor, from Iron Dog Land, said wolf Bennie Ba had him captivated when he told him about how he grew up and how the hate began between him and Shocka Din.

I'm going to let you in on it.

Excerpt from The Takeover.....

Thor finally got a chance to be alone with Bennie Ba after every male, female, and puppy had welcomed him. During the welcoming, he had taken the opportunity to confirm his thoughts about Omar’s pack. Thor knew fighters. There wasn’t one dog here he wouldn’t be happy to have at his side in a situation that demanded bravery. Each member of the pack looked him in the eyes, respectfully, but as equals. He liked that. 

Thor knew about Bennie’s past as The Ghost. He wanted to hear more about Shocka Din and his followers, their strengths, and weaknesses. He was also c
urious about how the hatred had started between the wolf Bennie Ba and timber wolf Shocka Din.

As if reading his mind, Bennie began.

 “I guess I can tell you all you want to know.

Shocka and me are close in age, with just about the same start.

As a little pup I was sickly. My Ma and Pa were wild. One day they decided I was too much trouble. They up and left me to fend for myself.

I was sad and afraid at first, but that didn’t last. I was lucky. The things I found to eat made me big and strong. My sickness passed.

I met Shocka when we were both young. He and his siblings had lost their Ma and Pa in a fire. There were three of them.

I showed them how to hunt and find food to stay alive. Shocka and I got along but the other two were mean and sneaky. They hated me because I was white colored and different. They didn’t like that I could live on my own because they knew they couldn’t.

I never said anything to Shocka Din but I knew they were going to try something one day. I stayed on my guard.

I was off by myself when they finally got up the nerve to jump me. They didn’t know me as well as they thought they did.

Being young, strong and more dangerous than they knew, I killed one and hurt the other real bad.

When Shocka returned and saw what I had done, we fought. He was a better fighter than both of them put together. We hurt each other pretty bad, but survived to go our separate ways.

He became a feared pack leader. I became The Ghost,” Bennie recalled.

“Our hate continues, though if I were him I would have done the same that day.

I admit to taking out a few of his followers, who thought they would get in Shocka’s good grace by doing away with me.

Our paths have crossed many times, each time ending in bloodshed. Then there was the nastiest fight of all, but that’s the one that led me to Omar Blue and the rest of my family here. I’m not even mad about that one anymore.”

Thor looked at Bennie and said, “I would have loved to have been at your side for some of those fights.”

 “Wish you were,” Bennie answered as both of them grinned and imagined the outcomes.

Bennie Ba was glad to have Thor with him. There was something about Thor that reminded him of himself. They were drawn to each other and had become good friends in a short time.

Bennie continued by telling Thor all he could about the situation at hand.

They agreed something had to be done to help Omar. Neither wanted to admit their desire for action was really because they were unable to stay idle. Both knew that Omar was a formidable opponent and could handle any situation that might arise.

Bennie and Thor were working on solving their dilemma when Major Diggs walked up and looked at each of them suspiciously.

That's how the hate between Bennie Ba and Shocka Din started. It makes me know how lucky I am to have grown up with so much love from my Ma's and Pa's.
Babee Blue is going to know the same kind of love, between Ma, my K-9 Town pack and me of course.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Omar Blue, Babee Blue and the Naughty Puppies

I'm still waiting for my baby brother, Babee Blue. Ma keeps saying he'll be home soon. Does anyone know when "soon" is?
Look at him. Five weeks old, weighing in at 8 lbs., 14 oz. He's growing pretty fast. "Soon" can't be much longer.

Me and Ma have been doing a lot of talking about puppies lately. Of course, that brings to mind the K-9 Town puppies again. Babee Blue will have so much fun with them. He has so much to learn.
When we first started K-9 Town, the puppies were stubborn and didn't want to learn anything. Did we tell you about that?
Bet Ma wouldn't mind telling you.

No Omar, I wouldn't mind at all. Here goes....

Was a balmy dark September day, in K-9 Town, USA.
The Elders were hunting and harvesting food, while the puppies, of course, were at play.
Now what’s wrong with this picture? I said “September day.”
The puppies should be in training, but the teacher has gone away.

Boy, how the little tikes loved it, but the Elders could certainly see,
they were getting into more mischief, and wilder than they should be.

We have to find a new teacher, the last one won’t be back.
He left to help some kin folk, he had to leave the pack.

Omar Blue was thoughtful, remembering back a ways,
when Rottweiler Brady had told him, about his teaching days.

So he went to talk to Brady, who’d just married Sophie Jean.
He asked if he would help out, he and his poodle queen.

Brady was excited, because teaching was his second love.
He’d do the job, with Sophie’s help, and some from the Gods above.

Omar Blue called a meeting, everything was gonna be great.
Professor Brady and Sophie Jean, would keep those puppies straight.

Meanwhile at the edge of town, under The Big Oak Tree.
The puppies sat and talked about, how great it was to be free!

The Chihuahua triplet leaders, were never seen apart.
As soon as one would say a word, the other two would start.

They became the yipping leaders, since it was always three to one.
The others took to listening, cause nothing else could be done.

“Let’s get the other puppies,” said leaders Lee, Lii and Luu.
“Make them come quick as they can, we’ve got some news for you.”

When the other pups got to the tree, they told what they had heard.
Rottie Brady is gonna be the new teacher, now isn’t that absurd?

We’ll have a ball in training this fall, not gonna listen “neither!”
We’ll run and skip and play in class, he won’t do nothing “either!”


When the first day came for training, each puppy came in mad.
He asked them why? They didn't lie, "Cause being here makes us

Then Lee, Lii and Luu got busy, even had the nerve to stand.
Said, “We pups have had a meeting, we don’t need no teacher’s hand.”

Professor Brady gave a look they’d never seen before.
He said, “You three you come with me," as he headed for the door.

The three got up but slowly, showing fear the others could see.
As they watched, each puppy said under their breath, "It's better them than me."

Brady spoke to them real softly, “I know the leaders, you three.
But, don’t you come into my class, and think you’ll interrupt me.

We were put here for a reason, me and Ms. Sophie Jean.
Gonna teach you either way we can. Can be nice, or we can be mean.

Now Lee, Lii and Luu git in there, and show what smart leaders do.
Listen to us teachers, and we'll be good to you.”

Lee, Lii and Luu went back to class. Each quickly took their seat.
Sat up so nice and straight this time, couldn’t even see their feet.

“What happened, yipped Cocker puppy Joe. “What did he do out there?”
 “He gave a speech, about how they’d teach, said we’d better all beware.
He also made us leaders, so listen to what we say.
You don’t wanna go outside with him, cause Professor Brady don’t play!”