My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Omar Blue - The Takeover and Shocka Din's Quest

Omar and I have been pretty busy with our company, BiggSiss and the Thanksgiving Holiday but I got an update from him regarding the Timber Wolves that are at K-9 Town, planning to take over.

I asked if he should be spending more time with his pack at a time like this? He said there was no concern, especially since they like bringing him updates every day when he's away. He says I can't imagine how fast he can get to K-9 Town if there is trouble. I know that's true.

I hear low barking at the back door right now.

OMG! it's Bulldogs Betty and Jim. Aren't they a cute couple?


I listened and took notes so I wouldn't forget anything.

Now I'm ready. Here goes.....

It seems Shocka Din couldn’t decide how he was going to handle this situation. He was by no means afraid, but all of this was so new to him. His curiosity was overwhelming. 

Besides the confrontation with Omar Blue, he thought about his followers.

In the short time they had been in this strange land an obvious change had come over them, especially the females, and above all, his beloved Hannah.

They were starting to spend most of their time with the K-9 Town females. They talked to each other a lot now and he often heard them laughing, which was something they rarely did before.

There was also something about the way they looked. The only word he could think of was ”beautiful.”

Things like this never mattered to him before, but this, he decided, made him proud.

He had also noticed the males looking at the females differently and using softer tones when communicating with them.

Shocka wondered if any of this had to do with Hannah’s asking him about settling down. He knew something was up. He’d find out what it was soon enough.

In the meantime he decided he’d take a walk. He would have loved to have Hannah with him but his plan might lead to danger, so he went alone.

Between the aggressive trees and cats and the mountain lions Hannah had told him about, this may not have been the best idea, but being alone enabled him to concentrate on his surroundings. He intended to find the answers to several questions he’d been mulling over.

He would start at the beginning, their arrival.

As he walked, though he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched, a feeling of tranquility came over him. This land that held so many untold mysteries, actually gave him a feeling of peace.

He hadn’t felt this way in a long, long time, if ever.

He had to be mistaking these feelings, but he felt like he belonged in this strange place.

He put the thought aside. What could be better than wandering and seeking new adventures.

He thought about The Ghost, or as he now called himself, Wolf Bennie Ba. He remembered what had caused the mutual hate they had for each other. For the first time, he admitted to himself that they were alike in some ways and possibly could have grown to be friends. They were so young when fate turned them against each other.
 Shocka held no remorse except for the realization that his leading adversary was now taking a different path and the excitement of their encounters would now be a thing of the past.

Over the years they’d had many scuffles, the last one leaving each other close to death. The Ghost was the bravest animal he’d ever come across. He was fearless, and the worse the odds against him the more vicious he became.
There were those that would follow The Ghost just to be in his presence, yet he chose to follow Omar Blue and be one of many. Shocka’s curiosity was overwhelming. He had to find out more about Omar Blue, his followers and this strange land, where nothing was as it seemed.

This brought him back to his initial belief that The Ghost was trying to protect Omar Blue. There was something about that dog, but the one thing he had gathered from their introduction was that Omar Blue didn’t need protection.

The fact that he was the much loved and respected leader of a pack such as Shocka had never seen before said much about Omar, but the look in his eyes when he spoke to Shocka said much more.

When it came to “never afraid and always feared,” he had thought he and The Ghost stood alone. Equal, maybe, but above all others. Since arriving here and watching Omar and his followers, he decided there were many that would consider themselves equals and would fight to the death to prove it. Even the females, that Hannah and the others had gained respect and good feelings for.

The difference here was that none of them cared about such things. From the smallest to the largest, all were treated with utmost respect. It went even further. They considered themselves a large family. He had learned this from his own observance.

As Shocka walked deeper into the woods, he had no idea where the answers to his many questions would be found. Maybe from whatever it was that had been keeping an eye on him since he started this walk. He was ever alert and on guard.

What you have just read is another unedited excerpt from the latest novelette in the Omar Blue saga "The Takeover," soon to be available.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Omar Blue - The Perfect Thanksgiving

Omar and I came to an understanding regarding how his pack at K-9 Town celebrates Thanksgiving. This, in addition to the fact that they celebrate all holidays and usually drag me into them.

This holiday is different.
While sitting with my Omar Blue
An idea came to me
Turkeys for his K-9 Pack
They celebrate too you see. 

I offered him some turkeys
Here’s proof he licked his lip
But instead of saying he’d take them
He offered me a tip.

Ma you always mean well
And the turkey sure looks good
But this ain’t the way we do things
Though it’s nice to know we could.
Take a look at two of my friends
Duce and Alexis are their names
They take charge of Thanksgiving
Including the puppy games.

Get a move on you all or no dinner for you

They send us out to get the meal

Thats all we have to do
Us males run out to do our part
The females have jobs to.
The puppies will be playing 
But that's their normal chore
Throughout the day they're snacking

Never missing a chance for more.

Now doesn’t this sound good, Ma
Just  doing it our way
- - - - -
I had to admit it sounded great
K-9 Town’s Thanksgiving Day.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Omar Blue and PuppySpot

I remember like it was yesterday, he started it.
With the holidays coming very soon, me and Ma know some people are planning on getting puppies.  

We're hoping everyone is doing their homework and picking little puppies that will be good for their specific families and circumstances.

Ma recently found a blog that is all about puppy stuff. It was a story on puppy-proofing your surroundings that first caught her eye ( but she says the whole site is informative and entertaining. Worth taking a look at


These pictures are of me and my Papa. He's no longer with us.

Ma says I was a puppy in both of these pictures even though I was big for my age, as some of us are.  Don't mistake size for age and wisdom. We're just able to get into more mischief, she says.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Omar Blue - Best Halloween Party Ever - 2016

Omar caught me off guard this year. I knew he had something on his mind because I can always tell and he was being an extra good boy.

He finally asked if he could have his Halloween Party this year. Weakling that I am, and  having such fun memories of last year, I said yes. He didn’t mention that the party was going to be here at home, instead of at K-9 Town. He only told me that I didn’t have to worry about anything, not even the snacks.

That was all I needed to hear. 

You may remember Zilly Boo from last year’s party. She was the party Greeter this year. I knew she has a drinking problem and she wasn’t able to hide the bottle before I saw it.  Luckily, she didn’t have a chance to get toasted before I took it.

She didn’t really care because she was happy that Omar let her be Greeter and she had some of her spider friends keeping her company while she hung around.

I decided I was going to find a spot and enjoy the party. I even put on some music for them (or me, hehe.)  I’d have some of Zilly Boos ghost wine. I had some last year and it was excellent and appropriate for the occasion.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went into the kitchen for the first time since much earlier. Omar’s good friend, Monet had taken over my kitchen and had already laid out the first batch of snacks. She said her Mom Gina Austin taught her how to make snacks.
Everything was neat and under control, she wanted the kitchen to herself, so I took Zilly’s bottle into the party. Omar introduced me to some of his friends that I hadn’t met.

Look at this little one. This is Heidi Witt from the Swiss Alps by way of Virginia. She said this was her first ever Halloween Party and she was having a real good time.
That was even before this handsome little pirate came ashore. He didn’t take his eye off of Heidi the whole night. She finally gave in and talked to him, but I don’t think his sweetness moved her. We all know the song, “Girls just wanna have fun.” They were so cute.
All of a sudden there was a commotion at the door. I could hear Zilly Boo yelling, “You can go in but there will be no politics at this party!"
I knew who it was without going to the door. That was Omar’s job anyway. It was Donald and Hillary by way of Lab Rescue, LRCP, the  wonderful Lab rescue organization.  Both agreed that they were just here to have fun at Omar’s Halloween Party. They needed to get away from the daily grind of politicking.  
Omar’s friends just kept coming. Some of the witches wore their best hats, like Witch Lexi Mattia here, and her friend Witch Lali below. They took up so much room that we decided to go outside.

That’s when Omar gave all of us his big surprise!
Tree Monsters from the outskirts of K-9 Town were outside waiting. They were wearing their scariest expressions and movements. Not only that but up the hill behind them, though we could hardly see them, were some of his pack, ready to escort the party goers to the next part of the Halloween Party.
The excitement was overwhelming once Omar let everyone know this was all a part of the plan and the big dogs found out the Tree Monsters didn’t mean them any harm. Needless to say they were all ready to go to K-9 Town.
I was running back inside to get my camera when Omar stopped me to say that I couldn’t go. I had a feeling that was the case anyway but thought if I moved fast maybe I could slip by. I didn’t make it.
They left not long after. To my surprise Zilly Boo wanted to stay with me, then I realized she was only staying to finish off her wine, but that was okay, she didn’t have to drive. We chatted for a long while, and she left to find some of her skeleton friends at another Halloween Party.
When I was alone, I thought about all that had happened and how much fun I had, knowing that Omar would be ready to tell me about the rest of the night when he returned.
I looked forward to it, as I dosed off, quite content.