My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Omar Blue - The Takeover and The Seers Phophecies


Hello everyone. Mr. Omar Blue decided he'd relax and listen to me tell about the latest at K-9 Town. He just got home awhile ago. I know he's tired. Don't worry, he'll correct me if I get anything wrong.

You'll remember the K-9 Town females had to show the female timber wolves that there were two sides to them.

They demonstrated, though only slightly, "the other side."

Some of you are probably wondering what the two Seers have been up to. Well, take a seat, because I'm about to tell you.....


The K-9 Town Seers, Komondor Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny were on their way to see leader Omar.

They met him coming their way. He always has a big handsome smile for them, which is only one of the reasons they adore him. There are numerous others, including his courageous, cool and sometimes mysterious manner.

They had hoped to find out more about him when he took the pack into the mountains to meet his kin, but found Iron Dog Land and his kin as mysterious as he is.

The Seers had even tried one of their strongest potions on Omar but it had absolutely no affect. He later told them he knew what they had done and advised that they not use that method on any other pack member.

They've heeded his advice. They would never want their leader to be stern with them.

When they came face to face with Omar, it was Great Dane Granny who spoke first. “I have cast away the great evil but it left the savage timber wolf Shocka Din for us to do away with.”

Rasta Mama then spoke. “I see that he intends to destroy all that he can here. Leader Omar, we can resolve this threat easily for you. Remember the potion we used to defeat the mountain lions? We have made more.

This was the part Omar had been waiting for. The Seers always came with a plan, and unfortunately they didn’t have a problem putting themselves in harm’s way to put their plans in motion.

Great Dane Granny continued. “We can defeat Shocka Din. You and our pack need not lift a paw, nor worry. Rasta Mama and I will be mightier than many Shocka Dins.”

Omar looked at the two and as he did, he saw their two watchdogs, Thor and Bennie in the bushes behind them, close enough to hear this conversation.

He noticed they were near laugher and knew they were waiting to hear how he would handle the feisty duo.

“I know we have the great benefits of your gifts,” he began. “But I want you to stop these thoughts. What would the rest of the pack think if I let you deprive them of what’s to come? Not only that, but what reputation would we gain if we let our eldest handle such things.

The Seers looked at each other. The last thing they wanted to do was disgrace their beloved family in any way. In agreement, they spoke at the same time. “We understand leader Omar.”

With that, they turned and strode away. Thor and Bennie were following at a safe distance, looking back at Omar, still smiling. The three of them knew he hadn’t heard the last of this. The Seers had only left to devise another plan.

This had been much too easy. 

The Seers had gone only a little way when suddenly they stopped, turned and called, “You should come out now, you two. We have work to do. We must put leader Omar’s mind at peace. There must be a way.”

Bennie knew this was bound to happen. Being true Seers, how could they not know they were being observed? Thor had wondered, but wanted to see how this would play out.

They walked towards the Elders looking like they had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“No doubt this was Major Diggs’ idea,” said Great Dane Granny. “He’s always so overprotective towards us,” continued Rasta Mama.

Thor could see the looks of admiration for Omar’s second-in-charge. He thought to himself how much this reminded him of Iron Dog Land. The Seers reminded him of Grandma Minni Mor who had spent time with them during their visit.

Omar has done an amazing job here, he told himself. Nitro and Saifon would be as proud of him as he was. In the meantime, he's having one heck of a time hanging out with wolf Bennie Ba and now wondering what the two crafty Seers will come up with next. They're obviously determined to “help” their leader in some way.

Thor and Bennie know however, that whatever they do, it can not interfere with the final confrontation between Omar Blue and Shocka Din. The law of the wilderness is clear.

Omar Blue was still focusing on the foursome when the Seers called out to Thor and Bennie. From the looks on their faces his sibling and friend are finding this quite amusing. To be truthful, I can tell, so is he.

You've just read another suppressed excerpt from "The Takeover." Coming soon.

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