My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Omar Blue - Remembering the Komondors

I’ve been asked where some of Omar Blue's pack members come from.  By now you realize that the two K-9 Town Seers, Great Dane Granny and Komondor Rasta Mama are quite an interesting duo.

Omar says Great Dane Granny, whose gift allows her to ward off bad spirits, doesn’t like attention, but Komondor Rasta Mama is just the opposite. If we talk about Rasta Mama first, Great Dane Granny will want her turn.

Here's  Komondor Rasta Mama. She arrived at K-9 Town with her son and family.

While I went for the snacks, Omar got comfortable in his favorite chair. Then we were ready.

He started telling me about the day his close friend Komondor Rasta Kooley came to K-9 Town, with Rasta Mama and the rest of his family in tow.

I decided I'd tell the story instead, and let him rest and enjoy it since this is one of my favorites and I've had him tell it to me many times. 

It was a beautiful sunny morning,

at K-9 Town, USA.

They were having a big outing;

all the dogs were at play.

But in the pack, there did remain,

a restless St. Bernard.

Who decided he would take a walk

staying put was much too hard.


As he walked on, he came upon,

a fascinating pack.

Three Elders and four puppies,

with strange hair down their backs.

He asked them where they came from;

they said from far away.

He would take them to his leader;

this was their lucky day.

They were so very tired;

 more walking would be hard.

But they had met a new friend,

in Sandy the St. Bernard.

When Sandy got them to the pack,

the females circled around.

They said, “Sandy, sit them down right here,

til Omar Blue is found.”

Omar Blue arrived then;

he’d seen them coming up.

The St. Bernard was moving fast,

carrying all four pups.


 “I’m Komondor Rasta Kooley;

our breed is from overseas.

We settled here some time ago,

a place called New Orleans.

I know we may look strange to you,

our hair,  some call them dreds.

I do admit our long tight locks,

do turn a lot of heads.

I travel with my lovely wife

my little puppies too.

From what I see, how glad we’d be,

to settle down with you.”


And this is Rasta Mama;

she’s everyone’s delight.

Her dreams sometimes will help us,

her gift of second sight.”

Omar looked each up and down;

“I’ve heard of you before.

I had a friend, some time ago,

Pow Wow the Komondor.

Now Rasta Mama, what is this gift,

He’s calling second sight.

We don’t believe in Voodoo,

or creatures in the night.”

Rasta Mama looked at him;

“I wouldn’t lie to you.

Sometimes I get a vision,

of things that soon come true.

I would never tell you anything,

I think would hurt the pack.

I’d use my gift to help you all,

and always have your back.

I dreamed that we would be here,

about a month ago.

I saw a mighty leader,

I would be very glad to know.

In my dream I also saw,

my Kooley at your side.

With the others in your pack,

all heads held high with pride.”

She stopped, as they all heard a noise,

 and looked across the bay.

About 20 coyotes getting close,

what did they want today?

They wouldn’t have given it a second thought,

until they noticed Coyote Red.

A troublemaker from the past,

talking fast and bobbing his head.

“You all wait here,” Rasta Kooley said;

“I know they’re looking for me.

I’ll be right back but just in case,

take care of my family.”

Kooley shot off like a bullet,

but the pack ran just as fast.

Leader Omar Blue in front of them,

with the smallest pulling up last.

Rasta Kooley spoke to Omar first,

“You shouldn’t have brought them here.

Just something I’ve got to straighten out,

and I’ll be back over there.”

He looked around, surprised to find,

the females had joined them too.

But they didn’t look like females now,

just canines with something to do!

Rasta Kooley faced the group,

that had followed him all this way.

He asked “What you scoundrels doing here?

I know you didn’t come to play.”


The leader said, “You stole from us,

that’s why we’re hunting you.

The furs you took are ours,

so you know what you better do.”

“I won those furs fair and square;

I wasn’t planning on any trouble.

It was dumb of you, to raise that bet,

then worse when you bet double.

I think you all should leave now;

you shouldn’t want to stay.

But if you do, I promise you,

You’re going to regret this day!”

The coyotes were looking at Rasta Kooley,

but more so at his back.

They’d never seen anything like them,

Omar Blue and His Pack.

It was Coyote Red as usual,

talking from behind.

“You know Kooley stole those furs of yours,

why you being so doggone kind?”

While Coyote Red was moving up,

his pals were moving on.

When he turned to see them heading out,

he knew he’d better be gone.

Rasta Kooley turned to face the pack,

“I’m sorry I spoiled your day.

Didn’t mean to bring this upon you,

To bad it had to happen this way.

It was Omar Blue who spoke to him,

“You spoiled nothing that way.

In fact we found out more about you,

then if we had talked all day.”

He joined the pack and started back,

 so happy that they could stay.

 He saw his wife with the females,

and knew she felt the same way.

It was late that night, they were packing up,

 to get back to the den.

The shepherds were waking the puppies up

 They’d been knocked out since 10.

 Then Rasta Mama came over,

 to talk to Omar Blue.

She said, “You’re as great a leader

 as rumors say of you.

You knew what you were doing,

 following my Kooley today.

 You knew those coyotes would take one look,

 then want to get away.

Remember the dream, I spoke about,

you all standing together with pride.

I saw it in each face today,

when your pack was at your side.”

“Thank you Rasta Mama;

It has been a pretty good day.

Nice to have you here with us,

 we’re glad you found the way.

 What you saw was nothing special;

that’s just how we react.

 We face our troubles together;

our enemies know that fact.”

With all the pack now listening

 Rasta Mama turned to say,

 “Thank you all, we are going to love it here

 at K-9 Town, USA.”

“That’s exactly what happened, Ma,” Omar said. You didn't forget one thing, he said proudly.

"Of course I didn't," I told him, proud of myself also.
We hope you've enjoyed this excerpt from Book One of the Omar Blue Saga, "Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA."


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