My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Omar Blue - A Lot's Going On

Hello everyone.
There’s a lot going on right now. I have to finish getting undressed.
I’ve told you how being a Mascot for our company, BiggSiss , is a pretty big job. I love every minute working with Ma and Sister Joy, but something has come up at K-9 Town and I won’t be around to help out as much for a while. Ma understands. I have to go be with my pack.
I’ll tell you this much...... There is a pack of vicious timber wolves, led by an old enemy of Wolf Bennie Ba. His name is Shocka Din and he has convinced his followers that they can take over  K-9 Town. They have no idea what they’re in for. We’re going to show them.  
In the meantime, I’ve been interviewing for BiggSiss Assistant Mascots. Some of my Facebook and neighborhood friends will be filling in when I’m not around. They would rather go with me but they know this is important too. We started early this morning. I told them to come in business casual. They didn’t let me down.
 Sorry I don’t have time for introductions right now. My good friend Spartacus Maximus came over from his popular Facebook page to take over the interviews for me. He's a good example and always with me when I need him. Look at him. Cool isn't he?

From the looks of things, BiggSiss is going to have pretty good representation. 
There are more, and they all want to spread the word about BiggSiss. I’ve explained how BiggSiss will do a great deal to keep our female humans safe. If you don’t know all about BiggSiss, just go to our website or our Facebook page. You’ll see.
I have to hurry now. Here comes Ma. She says she doesn’t worry about me, but she does. You’ve seen how she gets involved. Not this time. Gotta go!

Hi everyone. If Omar thinks I’m not going to follow him, he’s crazy. I’m waiting for my Mojo to kick in. It always does when I need it. Let’s find out what’s really going on at K-9 Town. Omar always sugar coats things.
(What you are about to read is the first chapter of the third book in the Omar Blue Saga. “THE TAKEOVER.”)
Wolf Bennie Ba stood alone in the forest, shocked by what he had stumbled upon.

He was looking down on a pack of timber wolves, led by his old enemy, Shocka Din. This was the same group that had pounced on him a while back, when he was running wild and known as "The Ghost."
It seemed so long ago.

They had left him for dead after the attack, as they dragged away the two pack members he had killed in the scuffle, and tended to a scar that Shocka Din would wear forever.

Why were they here, he wondered. But deep down he knew.

Shocka professed to being King of Canines. His followers worshipped him and were almost as deadly as he was. The only reason for his being here would be he had heard about Omar Blue.

Bennie Ba had to discover their plans. If they planned to do harm to Omar and the pack that had found and nursed him back to good health, it would be worth all he could give, including his life, to find out.

The K-9 Town pack was his family. They had brought out qualities that he never realized he possessed. In addition to that, he was feeling better than he ever had, thanks to the females’ nurturing ways.

This was his train of thought as he bravely walked into the camp of Shocka Din.

Wolf Bennie Ba was again, “The Ghost.”

If trouble started here, there would be a few less for Omar Blue to handle because he intended to leave his mark. He would start with Shocka Din.
- - - - - - - -

Big black timber wolf Shocka Din couldn't conceal his amazement when he saw The Ghost push his way through his followers to come face to face with him.
“Well, well,” he said. “We heard you were alive and in the area. I have to admit you look pretty good considering the way we left you.”

“Bet you can't say that about the two I saw you all drag away,” said The Ghost.

“Ha! What do you want here, and what makes you think you'll get away alive, Ghost?” asked Shocka with a deadly look on his face.

“I want to know why you're here, and you know I don't have a problem dying,” said The Ghost.

Shocka looked hard, remembering what a fierce warrior The Ghost had been. No, he didn't have a problem dying and no doubt would take more of his followers with him.

There would be plenty of time to avenge those he had savagely put to rest. He decided there was no reason not to tell The Ghost his plans.

He began, but was interrupted. “By the way, I'm called Bennie Ba now. You can call me Bennie.”

Shocka's fierce eyes betrayed the coolness in his voice. “I'll do that ‘Bennie,’ if you tell me where I can find Omar Blue. I heard you had joined his pack. That was hard to believe, being you were always a loner.”

“Things change,” said Bennie Ba. “What do you want him for?”

“I'm going to make him understand that his leadership is about to come to an end. As a matter of fact, I hear K-9 Town might need new leadership. Maybe me and my friends here are ready to settle down.”

Bennie Ba couldn't understand what he was feeling at that moment. Something was holding him back. Instead of exploding, though he was on the edge, he was thinking of what Omar Blue and the rest of his friends would want him to do now.

They would want him to escape danger and get back to K-9 Town, where plans would be made to handle whatever situation might arise.

He had to leave now, while he was still able to contain himself.

It took no time at all to decide what he would do.

“Don’t change direction,” he said. “You’ll meet him soon enough!”

With those words The Ghost dashed through the circle of timber wolves, using his speed and strength to collapse the bodies he came in contact with.   

That's how he had gotten his name and reputation. The Ghost, so fast, you’d hardly see him before he was on you, and as mean as they come.
Wolf Bennie Ba had found only one animal in his adult lifetime that could keep up with him in a dead run, that was Omar Blue. This had amazed him at first, but as he learned more about the mysterious Doberman pack leader, it became just another reason to admire and respect his dear friend.

Shocka Din thought about what had just happened. He hadn't expected to see The Ghost this soon. He had changed. There was something about him now. He would never leave when there was a chance to fight, and the way he acted regarding Omar Blue. He was protecting him!
“This is going to be easier than I thought. Destroy the leader and take over the pack,” he said to himself.

“We'll take care of Mr. Bennie Ba too. He's gonna pay for this scar I'm wearing.”
- - - - - - - -
Wolf Bennie Ba had gone a ways when he came across the search party. Several of his buddies from K-9 Town were out looking for him.
 They hadn’t understood why Omar Blue was concerned because Bennie Ba always took it upon himself to patrol their perimeters, as did Omar, and some of the others. They would sometimes be gone for long periods.
 But they never questioned their leader. If he asked them to do something, they knew from past experiences that there was a reason. And furthermore, there was usually some sort of excitement attached to the request. The type they all looked forward to.
After Bennie Ba gave them a brief summary, they insisted on going back to Shocka Din, but after a brief discussion, like Bennie, they knew it would be best to get back to K-9 Town and leader Omar.
The mood changed to jovial as they traveled on.
The searchers told Bennie Ba how the females had told them not to come home without him and teased him while making him aware that Wolfhound Winnie was leading the females.
He liked hearing that. Wolfhound Winnie had helped him through some hard decisions. The main one was whether he would stay with the pack after he was well enough to leave.
Obviously, he had made the right decision because he was happier than he’d ever been. He had a family. In addition, soon the pack would be celebrating Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie’s togetherness. The K-9 Town, version of a wedding.
He knew Omar, Winnie and the rest of the pack would be waiting to make sure he was safe and unharmed. This was the way of the K-9 Town pack, and all were treated equally.
This is why he didn’t stay and fight. He was a member of the pack, and proud of it.
When they got back, even the puppies were excited to see them but that wasn’t unusual. The puppies always greeted the adults returning from anywhere.
It was so nice coming home to them. They were so happy, with little tails wagging, while taking a moment from their naughtiness.
Upon seeing Omar Blue, the incoming group became serious and eager to let him know what had happened. After all were seated and calm, Bennie Ba went over his meeting with Shocka Din and his followers. They all knew about the ferocious fight that had brought Bennie to them and each wanted a chance to avenge their friend, even the females.
After hearing what was said, all eyes were on their leader.
Omar smiled as he looked around, already knowing the most important steps to take. The first being to make sure his pack didn’t get overly eager. He said, “I don’t see anything to be alarmed about. If the timber wolf Shocka Din thinks he can take over K-9 Town, let him try. We don’t have a problem with that now, do we?” he asked, with a chuckle in his voice.
The answers came in cheerful shout-outs. “Not at all!” “Hope they’re coming straight here!” “Did you tell them where we are Bennie?”
Omar then became serious. His voice was calm, yet commanding.

He had proven himself to be a worthy leader, among leaders. To his followers, there could be no other.  They knew Shocka Din had no idea what he was in for and they knew their brave, sometimes mysterious, leader was about to take them on a new adventure.

They would have liked to attack Shocka Din right away, but Omar Blue’s plans were always worth waiting for.
“My concern is that Shocka Din and his followers are brutal killers, so as long as they are in the area, and we’ll decide how long that’s going to be at another time, we have to keep our loved ones and friends safe.
Keep extra eyes on the puppies! They’ve been listening to all of this and no doubt will be making plans to find Shocka Din, pull him away from his followers and bite him up,” said Omar. They all laughed, but they would watch the puppies even closer than usual, if that was possible. The females would naturally handle that.
“Alert the tree monsters. They know everything that happens in and outside of K-9 Town. They may be mean and ornery but they don’t like anything upsetting the balance we have here.
Let’s bring Sookie, Mookie and the other potbelly pigs into K-9 Town. They’re no match for the meanness that’s coming our way. Keep them away from the tree monsters though. You know how they can’t resist fighting each other.” They all laughed out loud, remembering the last confrontation.   
It wasn’t long ago when the tree monsters kidnapped potbellied pig Leo. When Omar and some of the others went to rescue him, the tree monsters were glad to get rid of him. They hadn’t gotten any rest since the kidnapping. Leo wouldn’t stop fighting and he wouldn’t go home.
The puppies had heard more than they needed to. They had gone over to the side and were planning when, where and how they were going to catch Shocka Din. 

“When we catch him, first we’ll bite him until he says he’s sorry, then we’ll bite him some more. He’ll be afraid, but we don’t care,” said the triplet Chihuahua puppy leaders, Le, Li and Lu. The other puppies agreed excitedly.
Potbelly pigs Sookie and Mookie and the other Pigtowners were watching intently as members of K-9 Town came towards them, running fast.             
Rottweiler Brady, Pitt Bull Sammy and Rhodesian Ridgebacks Koffee and Tee had been assigned the task, along with several others who were standing guard on the outskirts.
They would make sure their little friends reached K-9 Town safely.

After telling the pigs about the timber wolves and the possible danger, they had no trouble evacuating Pigtown in record time.
Not that the potbellies wouldn’t fight to defend their homes, they just knew they would have nothing to worry about, if they went to K-9 Town. There they would band with their friends.
Truth be told, they loved being at K-9 Town.
If the danger was as bad as they thought it was, they would go down fighting.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope you've enjoyed this excerpt from Chapter One of "The Takeover." There's a lot more to come. My mojo didn't work this time. I think Omar Blue had something to do with that.
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