My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Omar Blue and the BiggSiss Partnership

Here's Omar. Outside earlier, making sure the yard was looking good. He's having some of his dobe friends over tonight.

He's been acting strange since I told him about BiggSiss.

He understands that women need, their Cyber Confidant.

There is a need for women to share detailed, personal information that can assist law enforcement in crisis situations involving them. Gathering much needed information is a challenging undertaking. A confidential repository is a must. Enter BiggSiss!

Sounds like a lot but Omar Blue is very smart. Still, he is thinking he can protect me better than anything else. It's seems his friends think the same way. He says needs them.

He's right, we always need our furry buddies. I told him it's okay to be watchful, but no aggression. He understands and he's going to explain everything to his friends. Maybe I'd better be there for this. I'll make them understand.

One of his friends dropped by a while ago. That handsome devil, Kapone. He's in charge of getting the others here. Omar says some of them live pretty far away but Kapone will get them here. It's easy when they travel through Facebook, he says.

In the meantime, we've had dogs in and out all day. He's telling them all about BiggSiss. This group were from around the neighborhood.

It was getting dark. The dobermans had arrived and the meeting got started. I could hear Omar.


I had some snacks for them. That was my excuse, but I was really going out there to make sure they were on the right track.
As I got closer to their meeting place, I got my first surprise.
Nitro and Saifon Blue! King and Queen of Iron Dog Land and Omar Blue's canine mom and dad were out there. Not saying a word, but listening to everything Omar said.
Those two have a way of knowing whenever Omar is giving something a lot of thought and they never fail to visit to make sure he's okay.

Evidently they were satisfied because they were leaving as I walked up. They even gave me a little nod. I'm sure the rest of his family weren't far behind. They always travel in big packs. All was well so they had no reason to interfere, thank goodness.
Now for my second surprise. Look what I walked up on!
What was I going to say to this group. Nothing at all!
I put the snacks down, said hi to Kapone and got away as quick as I could. I didn't know the others but I could tell they were serious as they listened to Omar tell what a big job BiggSiss had and how they could help.
They later vowed to do all they could to keep women safe.
It looks like we have some powerful partners, ready to do what Dobermans do best. Spread the word, and Protect.
How can fail with this additional determination.  It can't!!
My very special thanks to Fredo Ramirez for letting his prize Doberman Kapone again participate in Omar Blue's "true tales."
And also thanks very much to Ivan Candreca whose great picture of those wonderful Dobermans is one of the best I've ever seen.

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