My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Omar Blue and the Halloween Craze

Can I have a Halloween costume?
It was completely beyond me. Omar didn't tell me anything except he and his canine friends were having a ball. I didn't think he meant that literally until he said he wanted a Halloween costume. "Just something simple."

Of course I thought this was a marvelous idea so I scurried before he changed his mind, not knowing that as usual, his plans were already in motion.

Later that afternoon, we settled on this. Conservative but in the spirit of Halloween. He liked it. Handsome thing.

Thanks Ma.
I was wondering what all this was really about when I heard a familiar low bark at the door. Look at him, pretending he wasn't expecting anything.

I could tell it was my little buddy Spartacus Maximus and couldn't wait to see him. He always has a surprise for me, and this time he didn't disappoint. Is he cool, or what.

Hi Ms. Olyn. Can I see Omar please?
"Okay, you guys! What's going on? Now!"
Thank goodness I can somehow understand them. Don't even need my mojo for that.
They said they were waiting for a few others and were just going to hangout at K9 Town for awhile. When Omar told me they were expecting Rottweiler Brady, I could hardly believe him. Brady never leaves K9 Town, USA. Well hardly ever.
He came out to get his sister Pia so she could enjoy Halloween fun with them. Here's Brady with Pia's pet parent, Barbara. You can tell they know each other.
How did I get myself into this?
She's furnishing his Halloween costume, though I'm sure it's not what he had in mind. He looks happy though. Lol.
When they finally arrived, Pia didn't want to come in. I think she thought she was living the wild life, being away from home for awhile. Somehow Barbara must have known she'd be in good hands.
She was so cute and dressed so pretty. I know you can barely see her but this is the best I can do. Believe me, she's a beauty.

Omar said they were waiting for one more, then would be leaving. Other pack members were out of K9 Town getting family members to come share Halloween fun with them too. Just sitting around dressed funny, playing and acting silly, was their plan. I thought that was wonderful. He said they had to do everything before Halloween because Halloween night was for the puppies and that was going to be the most fun of all.
By then, I was excitedly waiting to see what would be next. I didn't have to wait long before there was a scratch at the door.
Omar Blue please.
I was speechless. A bulldog Yoda. Precious! I would have picked him up and cuddled him but didn't want to mess up his outfit.
That was all I could handle. I kept them with me as long as I could but then they left, and in a moment were out of sight, as I watched them on their way to K9 Town.
Omar came home pretty late. He was still excited, admitting this was the best (first) Halloween he and the other Elders had ever celebrated.
I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, wondering how this could happen. He had a completely different look. Look at him!

When I asked him how this happened, he just said the female Elders did it. I didn't ask any questions because I didn't want any answers. As usual, I was going with the flow.
I could tell Omar was tired so I got him ready for bed and before I knew it, he had curled up with his favorite bone, fast asleep. Dreaming, I'm sure, about his pack, their friends and his beloved K9 Town, USA.

A very special thanks to my friends who never mind my including their loved ones in my "true tales," and to Eve Wickman who pinned little Yoda on Pinterest for all to enjoy.
If you're like me and can't get enough of Spartacus Maximus, visit his Facebook page. You're sure to enjoy it.
We hope you'll come back soon.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Omar Blue and the Halloween Party Planners

Omar Blue asking me could his friends leave from here, to go to the Halloween Party at K9 Town, was one thing.  He didn’t tell me about the Planning Party.

 He says the puppies are getting older and smarter, and they don’t scare easily.  They would rather band together and take on the enemy, he laughed. They’re so funny.

So…I had a house full of Omar’s K9 Town and neighborhood friends again, going over plans to make the K9 Town puppies and their little guests appreciate Halloween scariness. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.
First to arrive were the K9 Town planner of all events and second in charge, Major Diggs, and his sister (yes sister) Sophie Jean the schoolmarm. I’ve mentioned before, if it has anything to do with the puppies Sophie will be here, and have the last word.

Look at these two. Pinky and Jo. Omar says Pinky is always waiting for Jo, but they finally arrived. I called my cousin Diana so she wouldn’t be looking for them.  She said she knew where they had gone and that they were in good hands. This made me wonder just how much she knew, but I wasn’t going there. I got off the phone real fast.

A little while later, I heard a gentle bark at the back door. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I am Spartacus, King of the Jungle! (((Roar))
It was that handsome dobe devil Spartacus. Ready for Halloween. He always finds ways to entertain me. I should have known he’d be here. Puppy sister Athena couldn’t come but she’ll be with the puppies on Halloween. Poodle Sophie said the puppies wanted her to bring Athena when she returned to K9 Town. They weren’t happy when she told them not today.


This little Redskin backer is Tacoo.  All dressed up. He’s looking forward to seeing his cousin Paco at the Halloween Party. Omar says those two are a hoot when they get together.

Boxers Bell and Buster look relaxed but always contribute to the meetings. They read each other’s minds, then whichever one feels like talking, talks for both of them. Fantastic.
Next door neighbor Dr. Watson came in ready to offer ideas. He usually has good ones, Omar says.
They all found their regular spots, got comfortable and the meeting began.

I couldn’t be at the meeting. It was all doggie stuff Omar said I wouldn’t understand.
When I heard them talking about the tree monsters, ghosts, some devil thing, I stopped listening through the door.
As I passed my patio door, what did I see peeping in, trying to listen. It was puppy Toby. He was spying for the K9 Town puppies!!

By the time I got outside he was stretched out looking like he didn’t care at all what was going on inside. Those puppies are slick.

I picked puppy Toby up and took him back down the block to neighbor Janet who thought he was still in their back room playing. We still don’t know how he got out.

He’ll be traveling with Omar and the others to the Halloween party.

When I got back home the meeting was over. They all had waited to say goodbye to me. I thought that was so nice. I could see the excitement. This was going to be some Halloween at K9 Town, USA.
Omar left with Diggs and Sophie to tell the others how the meeting went.

I decided then and there that I was going to the party. My Mojo better be working that night.

Don’t worry, I’ll remember everything, and I’ll bring back proof, just as I always do.