My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Me And Afghan Bee Bee - "Girl Talk"

I convinced Omar to bring Afghan Bee Bee back to see me the other day. I had a feeling if we had a “girlie” talk, without Mr. Secretive Omar around, I’d find out what I wanted to know. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to mind.

He dropped her off, made me promise I wouldn’t take her visiting anyone, and off he went, back to K9 Town for a while. He knew I would keep my word. I always do when it comes to his pack.
Bee Bee and I settled down after I made us some snacks then she started by telling me how much she loved K9 Town, USA.  She was ready to talk. She said her and the other female Elders all got along like family and had lots of fun. “We all take care of each other at K9 Town,” she said. I could see a sparkle in her eyes as she communicated.
She smiled when I asked about Omar and rather than trying to tell you what she said, I’m going to give you an excerpt from “Led By An Eagle,” my latest novelette, which explains their relationship. This happened while they were up in the mountains on the way to see his canine kin.
Omar was with Afghan Bee Bee
They both were taking a break
Him from being the leader
Her from using the rake.
The rake was a process that she used
On the female Elder’s hair
The ones who’d never been before
Under her fancy care.
She loved her place within the pack
She couldn’t ask for more
The females all felt special
When they walked through her door.
And when they left they’d strut around
 for all the pack to see
Just one more thing
To make Omar’s pack
The best that it could be.
It was time to go
Back down the hill
To his waiting playful pack
Bee Bee was feeling good right now
She too had to get back.
She treasured her time with Omar Blue
She thought he liked it too
But no one could read their leader
Just something they couldn’t do.
Maybe at the journey’s end
When they all met his kin
They’d get a better understanding
Of their leader then.
I decided not to ask more questions. Not from Bee Bee, nor from Omar Blue. I’ll find out when the time comes. I always do. They're a happy bunch and that’s what matters.
In almost no time at all, Omar was back. I should have known he wouldn’t be gone long. But he brought me a surprise. Freedom the German Shepherd was with him. I told you all about the time I followed Omar and Freedom and was sorry that I did. They rescued puppies that night. That true story is around here someplace.  I shutter just thinking about it.
We went outside and I talked to them and petted them for awhile. They all gave me licks and kisses and the three of them headed back to K9 Town.

I watched as long as I could, then it seemed like they were just gone. I could no longer see them. I stood watching as I had done so many times before. Wondering, how could this be, but enjoying every minute of it.

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