My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whadda Day! Whadda Day!

Are they back yet? Are they back yet? Are the.........

Omar understands that he's still a little too energy packed to go on my readings but he doesn't mind, as long as we take the K9 Town Peepers along.

He says when they tell the pack about what happened it's just like being there listening to the story. They love hearing about themselves in my books.

Today I read from, "Led By An Eagle" at the beautiful Elmcroft Senior Living Community. Daughter Joy and I had a wonderful time.

Quality living for our seniors. I loved it.

A mid size audience today. Not one of our largest but I did have to use the microphone to make sure those in the back could here us.
I tell you, our seniors are very, very appreciative but don't think they won't let you know if they're unhappy with you.
Joy and I know the signs. You can't read their expressions so you listen for little sounds. An "oh my gosh" here, an "oh no" or "good for him" there. Signs of enjoyment. We can almost hear a pin drop. Enjoyment!
There was something very special about today. It was so "cozy." As I sat and read on this beautiful summer day, I thought the only things missing were the snowy night and the fireplace. I think the smell of the cookies being baked for us all, had something to do with that, but I liked the feeling anyway.
Referring to their personal posters featuring the characters
After the reading we had our raffle/books giveaway. I hope it's the excitement of winning a book and not just the raffle itself, because it's a feature we have lots of fun with. 
I guess you can tell, it was a lovely day.
When I got home Omar was waiting. After hearing that the Peepers wouldn't start without him but they went straight to K9 Town, he was off like a shot.
Be back later, Ma!
 Next Month, we will be at the Veteran's Hospital here in Richmond. We plan on making this a special treat for our vets. One thing we know, they deserve it.

Many thanks to Elmcroft Senior Living Community for having us today.


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