My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Friday, September 7, 2012


The Kindle e-book has been out a couple of weeks, the paperback is now available through and other distributors.  Take a look at this wonderful review. It's the first for the new book and I'm very happy about it.

Reviews Written by Susan Keefe (France)
 *****A brilliant sequel for all dog lovers., September 6, 2012
This is the sequel to Omar Blue and K-9 Town U.S.A., and continues the adventures of Omar Blue a magnificent Blue Doberman and his canine pack.

Having set up home in K-9 Town, Omar decides to take his pack to visit his clan. Despite reports of Booby's Mountain Lion pack being about, everyone is excited especially the puppies, and led by an eagle they set off.

The journey is filled with excitement and danger but even with the aid of the Seers can they stay safe with Booby and his Mountain Lion gang tailing them? Find out in this exciting rhyming story told by a very gifted new writer.

O. Warfield has a dream; to be able to get the `real' Omar Blue, Major Diggs and Sophie-Jean Therapy Dog training and certification. She and her daughter Joy will be taking them to adult and children special needs facilities, hospitals and senior assisted living communities where they will form part of a special event, with readings and surprises.

I for one hope her dream comes true!


Thank you wherever you are Susan Keefe!!

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  1. This sequel is delightful and inspirational! The Eagle's prescence is very familiar to most people, as he is to Omar. What a great Leader Omar continues to be. I want more!!!