My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Omar Blue and his pack are going on a trip up into the mountains. It will do him good. I love the mountains. I asked if I could go but got the usual, "No Ma."

I may be a little worried.  Oh boy!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Abuse On The Waterfront

Omar Blue had been gone for days.  I admit I was getting very worried.  No telling what he and his K-9 Town Pack were up to.  

About mid morning the 5th day I was passing a window and saw him standing outside.  He was looking out at a few of his friends who had obviously walked him home.

Straight home now!
I ran for my camera, ready to take a picture as more evidence of my true tale but by the time I got back they were too far away.  Here’s Omar still looking fondly after them.  So proud.

Wait til I tell you this, ma.
 When he came in, he was ready to tell all, which is unusual for him but I was ready.  He sat in his favorite chair while I got us a snack then pulled down the shades, for atmosphere. Here’s the story, as relayed by him, about Abuse On The Waterfront.

We were sitting talking

My pack and me

Almost like I’m doing with you

We had just come back from a rescue

Saved some dogs and puppies too.

They were over with the female Elders

Getting the best of care

When one came over to have his say

“There’s more dogs kept down there.”

The place we’d left held no surprise

It was down on the Waterfront

The evil there was legendary

So we had to continue the hunt.

All of these dogs were mistreated

Sometimes even made to fight

The abusers didn’t know about me and my Pack

But they sure met us that night.

It was Cocker Spandy who brought the news

Said he knew all about this place

He’d been held there for a very long time

Knew every inch of the space.

I didn’t let on but something sounded wrong

Cocker Spandy was in disguise.

One thing the whole Pack noticed too

He never looked me in the eyes.

The newcomers were taken to K-9 Town

To be a part of the family

Where all are treated with the same respect

And love runs rampantly.

For the next few days all went well

As we planned our next attack

Keeping an eye on Cocker Spandy

To make sure he didn’t go back.

One night while up late talking

I warned all to be aware

For the first time ever in K-9 Town

A spy was lurking there.

Spandy didn’t know us very well

He thought he’d seen it all

Had no idea what we could do

That bad place was gonna fall.

They were planning to lay a trap for us

I found this out that day

Heard the leader talking about his dog

Spandy, but that’s okay.

It didn’t matter they knew we were coming

There was nothing they could do

But we changed our strategy just a bit

This time they were gonna be through.

When the big night came

Cocker Spandy acted lame

“An old injury, I can’t walk.”

I just looked in his eyes

Didn’t say a word

But he knew he’d better not talk.

“We’ve been on to you from the very start

Your story never rang true

Then after talking to the others

We decided what we’d do.”

“Wait Omar Blue

Let me explain

The things you say are true

But I didn’t know what I know now

About K-9 Town and you.

I’d be happy to stand right by your side

And back your Pack tonight

I was gonna wait until you all came back

I intended to make it right.

What I did, was out of fear

Afraid to break away

My loyalty is now with you

I’m asking, can I stay.”

As I looked back at my mighty Pack

Most gave a little nod

They understood how Spandy felt

They too once had it hard.

“You know now what we’re all about

We never desert our kind

K-9 Town is a haven

For all we help or find.

You can stay here if you want to

But remember we’re trouble free

If you do anything to change that

You’ll answer directly to me.”

We went back to the Waterfront

We changed the place that night

They knew that we were coming

But still didn’t get to fight.

After this, somehow word got out

About Omar Blue and his Pack

No more mistreatment of animals there

For fear that we’ll come back.

As for Cocker Spandy

He’s happy now

At K9 Town, USA

Enjoying life as one of the Pack
Helping others find their way.

I asked Omar where this waterfront was but he wouldn’t tell me. I think he knew I wanted to see the place. It’s better this way. I’m sure there is still danger there. I hope Omar and his K-9 Town friends stay away too.