My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Omar had been pondering for days. I knew something was coming. I was ready. I won’t go through the particulars but it ended up with me dog sitting again. The K-9 Town Pack was planning a meeting with the Show Dogs. I was helping again!
Luckily, Friend Joe and family were attending a big Dog Show. They would be showing Casper their very handsome Kuvasz. Our cutie pie Leonberger Scarlett played sick, yes that’s right, played sick, so we were left with her and a long list of “be carefuls.”
Scarlett and Casper, sister and brother by way of same people parents, are both award winning show dogs and are Omar Blue and his pack’s link to the show dog world. Remember the party for the Westminster Show Dogs months ago?
Casper is the leader and he knows what he’s doing. If you’re not familiar with the Kuvasz I can tell you, they are no joke. Originating in Tibet but further developed in Hungary they’re big, bold and fearless and can weigh up to about 100 – 115 lbs. Considering they must have a strong people family that they respect, I say kudos to Joe and whole family for being the alphas and still keeping Casper and Scarlett very happy. If you look close (very close) you see Casper is communicating with the dog behind the fence. “Meeting tonight at K-9 Town, USA.”     
Friend Joe doesn't suspect a thing

As soon as her people family left Scarlett went off to K-9 Town to be with her Leonberger family there as planned. (See them on your right.) But she didn’t use the regular route. OMG….OMARRRR!!!

I won't tell if you don't

It was late when the show dogs finally got away but they made it. When the meeting started you could hear a pin drop. Yes, I made it there again. I can't say Omar Blue was "talking," but I can say I understood what he was saying.....
Thank you all for coming
We’ll have some fun tonight
But before we do I need to talk to you
About a war we have to fight.

The abuse that’s going on today
Is no longer considered rare
No way we can let it go on like this
Our siblings in despair.

Tonight we’re going to make a pact
And we’re gonna see it through
Your part will be to get word to us
You know what we can do.

Every dog in K-9 Town
Howled with delight
They would do their job and even more
All committed to this fight.

The dog shows take us far and wide
No reason we can’t see
Now that our eyes are open
To this type of misery.

Omar smiled and looked around
So happy they all were there
Then said to himself as the party began
Abusers beware!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Omar Blue, Maxwell, Sahji And The Undercover Sting

We had been working in the yard most of the day; at least one of us was. The other one was sunbathing.

If there’s one thing that Omar Blue loves, it’s laying in the sun. Lazy thing.

After coming in and freshening up, we were relaxing when there was a sound outside that I knew so well. I looked over at Omar. He turned his head the other way, smiled and headed for the door. “I’ll be right back Ma,” he said, in that way we have of communicating.

At that, he went out to meet his friends and I rushed to the window.  I later found out their names were Maxwell and Sahji Banks.

They were on their way to K-9 Town. Omar said they went there often, now that their people parent, Greg, had built them a doggie door. He was good to them and they loved him, which is why they didn’t stay at K-9 Town with their canine family.

Omar Blue and the pack didn’t allow them to come alone because of the dangers they might encounter as they traveled the wilderness.  He would accompany them.

This was my first time seeing Maxwell (left) and Sahji (right) so of course I wanted them to come in. I enticed them with some of Omar’s favorite treats. I think they were playing hard to get.  

I found out these two were among those rescued during the Undercover Sting. I’ve written about the Undercover Sting. It was amazing. I was there. Well, for a little while.

Surprisingly, Maxwell and Sahji wanted to talk about it. They wanted me to talk about it.

What else could a writer of “true tales” do? I started telling about that night, has I remembered it, without hesitation……..

We three were having supper
Omar Blue his dad and me
There was something on my Omar's mind
I'm always able to see.
Omar you may as well tell us
You should get it off your chest
I'm gonna find out anyway 
So telling now would be best.

When he looked over at the table
I knew I'd won the bout
He knew I wouldn't be satisfied
So he decided to let it out.

What we heard this time was a big surprise
I would never have foreseen
He said they were going undercover
Him, Diggs and Poodle Sophie Jean.
He was hearing a call from a bad, bad place
Where they board dogs during the day
But then they follow the people home
And kidnap their dogs away.
We can't let this go on Ma
So this is what we're gonna do
Me, Major Diggs and Sophie Jean
Gonna see if this is true.
After that Omar was on his way
I followed because I knew
The place that he was talking about
So I could go there too.
It didn't take me very long
Though my thoughts weren't very clear
When I got there it had happened
They were caged when I came near.

Ma what are you doing here
Why did you follow me
Don't worry Omar I'll get you out
Stand back, I can do it, you'll see.

No, no said Omar and Major Diggs
This is what we had to do
The pack will be here pretty soon
Hurry now, I won't involve you. 

I ran quick like a bunny
At least that's what I thought
I heard some noise but didn't look back
It was home now that I sought.

I got home in a jiffy
Omar Blue came in about three
I avoided looking directly at him
But saw how he was looking at me.

He told us what had happened
Though he never tells it all
The only thing I'm still wondering
Is how he heard your call?

I'd been wanting an answer to that question since it happened. It was Maxwell that spoke. He said, "We all concentrated real hard on Omar Blue. We had heard about him and knew he and his followers would come, and they did.

I looked over at Omar. I was so proud of my big boy. He knew he had to get away before I got mushy.

I think Maxwell and Sahji understood that too because the three of them were up at the door saying goodbye before I knew what happened. I laughed to myself.

I watched them go down the road always taken until I could see them no longer.

It was such a pleasure meeting Maxwell and Sahji. I know I'll see them again.   

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Special thanks to the proprietors of the beautiful Broughton's Country Kennel in Midlothian, VA.  for letting me use their facility to bring you another Omar Blue adventure story.