My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Omar Blue - The Leader

Next is one of the most interesting chapters about his beloved K-9 Town, USA that Omar has told us so far. In Chapter 4 he demonstrates thoughtfulness and compassion. Two qualities that a good leader must have. Our Omar Blue, what a dog!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Peeping Wolf Bennie Ba

Chapter 4

Was a bright but chilly morning
in K-9 Town, USA
the male Elders were out searching
for the peeping wolf Bennie Ba.

The puppies were left happy
with lots of time for play
but who could have guessed
that darned wolf Bennie
would circle back that day.

But back now to the Elders
and their leader Omar Blue
the biggest, mightiest doberman
any canine ever knew.

He’d stopped
and some would later say
a fierce look had taken hold
the look of the mighty warrior
big, bad, brave and bold.

They knew that there was something
but none of them could see
that wolf Bennie Ba
was in their town
behind The Big Oak Tree.

Then Omar Blue was running
with his cool magnificent stride
they couldn’t keep up
no matter what
but dog-gone-it they sure tried.

A real tough pack of dogs they were
from the shepherd to the hound
and with their leader
ahead of the pack
Bennie Ba would sure be found!

Big Omar Blue outpaced them
got home to the puppies real quick
he found Bennie Ba
just a minute away
but the huge white wolf
was quite sick.

When the pack arrived
wolf Bennie Ba cried
“I won’t do it again!

Just wanted to be
with you and the pups
cause I’m lonely
I ain’t got no kin”.

The Elders faced each other
not knowing what to say
then Omar Blue
 said loud and clear
“He needs us
let him stay.”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Return of the Major

Rumor has it that Major Diggs grew up with Omar Blue. Best friends since their pup days.
The major had to leave soon after K-9 Town, USA was founded, to find is sister Sophie Jean who he knew would be better off with him and the pack. She didn't come without a fight but she was no match for the major when his mind was made up.
He knew all he had to do was get her there and she'd be fine.
Omar's Best Friend Major Diggs tells it all.

Omar's Best Friend Major Diggs

Chapter 3

Was a bright but snowy evening
in K-9 Town USA
the puppies were even quiet
after playing hard all day.

Then Major Diggs came into town
close friend to Omar Blue
a Labrador Dalmatian mix
retired army too!

They said the major
was the only one
with a spot in Omar’s heart
like brothers they had grown up
until they had to part.
But Major Diggs was not alone
brought his sister Sophie Jean
a beautiful apricot poodle
who thought she was a queen.
Don’t ask how this could happen
brother and sister as we say
cause it didn’t make no difference
in K-9 Town they’d stay.

When Omar looked at Sophie
hadn’t seen her in some time
he remembered the major saying
she was headed for a life of crime.
But now they’re here
so the major’s fear
is something in the past
cause between Major Diggs
and Omar Blue
they’d straighten her out real fast.